A number of professional bodies and organisations involved in information security have come together to form the Information Security Awareness Forum to coordinate and build on existing work and initiatives, to improve their overall effectiveness, and ultimately to increase the level of security awareness in the UK that will help protect us all. We are a group whose aim is to deliver rather than to merely talk about awareness.

The forum was borne out of the ISSA-UK Advisory Board which at its meeting in September 2007 identified the need for co-ordination activity within security awareness, and supported an awareness group to explore the agenda and identify specific actions that could be undertaken to make a difference. Founding members of the forum included the ISSA, (ISC)2, the IISP, EURIM and Get Safe Online.

The forum was launched on the 13th February 2008. The member representatives meet twice a month to progress the agenda and actions of the forum.

The forum is chaired by Dr David King and its secretary is Stephan Freeman.

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